Monday, September 8, 2008

Wipe Cases

Here is another easy gift! Many people sell these so you really cannot find directions on how to make them, but I'll tell ya how I made mine!

You will need:
1-small wipe container (I used Huggies)
Some batting
Ribbon if you want a bow on top
Rick rak type of material for the sides
Hot glue gun

Cut the batting to fit in the top and bottom of the wipe container. You will cover the opening in the top. Hot glue them on. Cut the fabric to over-lap slightly on the sides. You are going to hot glue the fabric around the sides of the container, making sure you do not glue the container shut. Cover the top and bottom. At this time if you want a bow on the top glue a piece of ribbon on the top from side to side like in the pictures (just on the top). Then take the rick rak material and glue along the sides. It took me a bit of playing around with, the first one I made. Thats it your done!

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