Monday, July 7, 2008

Cars Cake!

Here is the cake I made for my son's 2nd birthday! He loves the movie Cars so we decided to do a Cars themed party. I was looking at cakes everywhere but could not find an easy looking one to make. My searching either led me to tiered cakes or ones that where done with fondant (which I know nothing about). I finally found one that someone cut out into the shape of a Two. I thought it was perfect, until the time came to make it. I was thinking "how in the world is the cake not going to fall to pieces when I frost it" So that's when I came up with the idea to frost the top like a road in the shape of a two and decorate it like a road and add cars to it. Then frost the rest of the top like grass. It really was a lot easier than my 1st plan. I was very pleased on how it came out, since it was my very first cake that I have decorated. My mother-in-law, Gaytha frosted the sides and red ribbon parts. I still have a lot to learn.