Friday, October 24, 2008

Max Factor Deal!

I don't have a Kmart around my area, but I had to pick up my husband after work and he was in a town with a Kmart. So I got my BOGO Max Factor coupons (only 2) and went to hit up their BOGO Max Factor sale.

This is what I got:
3D Lip Color $10.99
3D Lip Color $10.99
Foundation $9.99
Compact Powder $8.99

Before Coupons and Sale: $40.96
After Sale: $20.98
After Coupons and Sale: $1.05

So really ALL I paid was my state sales tax!

The cashier said "Are you serious?" I told her it pays to use coupons.

AND! 10/25/08

I got 2 more FREE Foundations! My MIL gave me the coupons that she didn't want and there was a BOGO Max Factor face make up. YAY!

2 Max Factor Foundations $19.98

Coupon: BOGO


The cashier was funny. She wasn't paying attention to the price, she put in the coupons and before she looked up she said "and you owe meeeeeeeeeee....Nothing, um ok" LOL.

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