Sunday, October 12, 2008

CVS Again!

Here is what I got today! I'll just list the prices after coupons and sale:

Scope $2.99
Puff Tissues $.99
Puff Tissues $.98
Puff Tissues FREE
Colgate Total $2.49
Colgate Total $2.49
Swiffer Starter Kit $7.99
Swiffer Duster Kit FREE
Soft and Dri $3.29
Soft and Dri FREE
Bic Razors $3.29

$4.oo off $20 Purchase
ECB $7.98

Received: ECB $4.00

My Total! OOP: 12.53

Saved: $36.86

I could have done two transactions to make things even cheaper, but it was pure chaos in there so I saved the cashiers the extra frustration.

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