Monday, September 29, 2008

I ♥ Weddings!

Pictures from top to bottom: 1. My Hubby! 2. Boat w/ raw bar 3. Pastor Mark & Deb

My husband and I went to the MOST amazing wedding this weekend. It was in Cape Cod. It was very rainy but that did not put a damper on things at all! The message was great as always from Pastor Mark Yedinak. I think the 2 great places to speak to non-believers are Weddings and Funerals! What other time do you get the chance to speak to people who would not walk into a church on a regular Sunday. Our Pastor (Mark Yedinak) did my wedding for my husband and I and we got so many complements from our guests. And even there I saw people talking to him and his wife telling them how much they enjoyed his works. I just pray for all those people in hopes that they find a church so they can really be blessed with the word and a church family.

So after the vows and message where delivered the food did not stop! The first hour or two was open bar. They had a raw bar and a TON of appetizers. The main course was pork, turkey and roast beef. All done to perfection. The other side of the room had a huge table with pastas, stir fry and I have no idea what else because I was so stuffed from everything else I could not eat any more!

Ok so desserts where peti fours, cakes, chocolate mouse, strawberry mouse, and wedding cake (I didn't even have any room for any). I don't think I ever ate that much. Neither my husband or I ate any dinner that night.

They did the CUTEST thing to give away the bouquet! They had all the married couples go out on the dance floor and had them slow dance. The DJ would ask who has been marries for 4 or less years raise your hand. Couples would raise their hands and he would ask them to please go sit down. He kept narrowing down couples until he was down to 1 couple who where married over 40 years and the bride handed the bouquet to the wife and took a picture with them.

The last thing I have to tel you about are the wedding favors! They did the best thing ever. Instead of having favors for all of the guests they just make a cash donation to the Cancer Society. That was fantastic. It really was a time of giving and sharing with everyone. I really like how the wedding was more focused on couples and how special marriage is. It was so nice being able to spend the day with my husband without the children, it really gave us time together and with people who we love to be around.

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